Some crocodile children that I designed as a teaching aid for my TEFL children. I've since created a vast universe of crocodiles going about their daily lives, work, and leisure time.
Crocodile illustrations of crocodile kids riding a bike, hiking, shopping, and swimming
What do you like doing on the weekends? These crocodile children enjoy cycling, hiking, shopping, and swimming.
Crocodile children playing the drums and partying with their friends
Crocodile pirate child with a parrot on its shoulder
Crocodile kids playing dress up in costumes for halloween; a witch, a vampire, a ghost, and a mummy zombie. Others are eating candy and carving a pumpkin
Some Halloween themed crocodile kids having some spooky fun.
Two crocodiles ready to board a plane. There is an aeroplane in the background. One crocodile is holding a boarding pass, and the other has a suitcase.
Crocodile besties taking off for a winter break. Where will they be going? Somewhere chillier of course! The only problem is keeping their cold blood warm.
Crocodile kids at school, one is speaking English, one is doing chemistry science, one is doing maths, and the other is doing art.
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